Binding Spell Entry

The entry for the Binding Spell in Alice's Book of Shadows.

The binding spell is a spell that can be used two entwine multiple items together. It can be for individuals, or for elemental powers.


  • "Elements that knit and bind. Hear my will, join different kinds." – Used by Alice Hartley to steal the Nowhere Boys' powers and give them to her sister
  • ""Elements that knit and bind. Hear my will, join different kinds. Unite as one, essence tied. Obey my call, none will deny." – Later used by Ben Ripley and stored in the BOSS


Alice Hartley uses it to bind her and Oscar Ferne together. She approaches him under the guise that she could let him walk again, but in reality it was a trick to control him, so he would steal the talisman from Felix. The spell requires a lock of hair from both Alice and Oscar to take effect. It allowed Oscar to use his legs again, as well as run at superhuman speeds. Alice also gains full power over his actions, while Oscar remains aware but is no longer in control over his body.

Later on, Alice uses the spell again to bind the powers of Felix, Jake, Sam, Ellen, and Oscar to her sister Phoebe.

Known usesEdit

  • Used to fix Oscar's legs temporarily.
  • Used to bind the boys powers to Phoebe temporarily.
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