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"Bear" was the embodiment of Order and a Guardian of Negative Space and the multiverse.[1] Initially without a name, Andy Lau befriended him and nicknamed him "Bear" after his idol Bear Grylls. "Bear" appeared to be a human teenage boy when Andy (and Alice Hartley before him) met him, which may or may not have been his true form.[2]


As an inhabitant of Negative Space, Bear frequently found himself all alone and relished any companionship he comes across. When he finally got "a friend" in the form of Andy Lau, he became very reluctant to let him go.[3]


Disappearance of Andy LauEdit

Andy first encountered another individual while trapped in Negative Space. At first Andy chased after him, but was unable to catch him due to his frequent flickering and teleportation, but later on he appeared directly in front of Andy. He explained that the world was now Andy's home. He also stated that neither the place or himself had an official name, which lead Andy to name him "Bear", after his hero Bear Grylls.

As Andy continually explored Negative Space and attempted to find a way out, Bear begun to teach about the nature of the place. Andy learned from Bear that Negative Space is empathic and will feel what he feels, changing the landscape to match his emotions.

Wrath of TeganEdit

After discovering that Tegan had somehow managed to escape and that she was causing tonnes of chaos across Bremin, he beings to reconsider about what he had done many years beforehand and after a considerable amount of time, he makes his first ever appearance in the Real World from which he retrieves the talisman and then after explaining everything he and his sister reunite and return to Negative Space.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As the embodiment of Order, Bear was extremely powerful. He had full control over Negative Space and could make the universe alter it’s Terrain to whatever he desired. He can also empower human residing in negative space and turn them into the Restoring Demon, which allowed said human to do thing like possess other sentient creatures en masse and exhibit strong physical attributes all without leaving negative space by simply projecting their consciousnes. It is unknown if he can do these things but being that the restoring demon is powered by him it’s most likely.




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