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Magic is tearing the multiverse apart.

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"We're hinting to sexuality and if we get to Season Four we'll get to play that out a bit more as well, which I think is very exciting."
Tony Ayers on Jesse and the possibility of a fourth season[src]

Battle For Negative Space, stylised as Nowhere Boys: Battle For Negative Space, is the fourth and final season of Nowhere Boys.[1] Pre-production of the season begun in 2017,[2] and like the previous seasons, it has thirteen episodes.[3] In the new series, the gang have returned from a summer of magical training more powerful than ever, and with a new member. The series also marks the reappearance from one of the original boys,[4] who was later revealed to be Jake Riles, portrayed by Matt Testro.

Production took place from November 2017 to March 2018.[5] Filming for the season started on January 9, and ended on March 28, 2018. Battle For Negative Space first aired on December 3, 2018, airing at 5pm.

Official descriptionEdit

In the penultimate season the Nowhere BoysLuke, Nicco, Heath and Jesse – are more powerful than ever after a summer of magical training. But with the New Year comes new threats and when a series of elemental attacks hit Bremin, the Gang fear their powers are the cause of the trouble. But all is not as it seems as the Gang discover that dark, chaotic forces have been unleashed on Bremin, intent on dividing them. The Gang’s unity is challenged and the future of the entire multiverse hangs in the balance.[1]

Alternative synopsisEdit

The Nowhere Boys have defeated the Mega-Demon, but now discover a more powerful force of chaos has been unleashed, and the Gang's unity is challenged as the future of the entire multiverse hangs in the balance.[6]

Another synopsisEdit

This year, the gang return from a summer of magical training more powerful than ever – and with a new member. But the New Year brings new threats, when a series of elemental attacks hit Bremin. The gang fear their powers are the cause of the trouble as dark, chaotic forces descend, challenging the gang's unity as they battle to save the entire multiverse.

The Nowhere Boys must balance their personal lives with their magical obligations. Growing up is hard enough without having to rescue the multiverse as well, as the gang search for their place in the world. What will they sacrifice for each other?

Returning cast Kamil Ellis (Luke), Joe Klocek (Heath), William McKenna (Ben), Jordie Race-Coldrey (Jesse), and Luca Sardelis (Nicco) are joined this season by musician Joel Ma (aka Joelistics) in his TV debut as Zeb and Elaine Crombie (Top Of The Lake, Black Comedy) as Brianna. This season also sees a special return from one of the original Nowhere Boys. But, you’ll just have to wait to see who might be back in Bremin...[4]


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Main article: List of episodes#Battle For Negative Space
Episode Image Title Original Airdate
1 We Are Not Alone Anymore "We Are Not Alone Anymore" December 3, 2018
2 Secrets, Lies, and Parasites "Secrets, Lies, and Parasites" December 4, 2018
3 Lost in Negative Space "Lost in Negative Space" December 5, 2018
4 The Cool Guy "The Cool Guy" December 6, 2018
5 Stranger Danger "Stranger Danger" December 7, 2018
6 Mistaken Id-entity "Mistaken Id-entity" December 8, 2018
7 Keep Your Friends Close "Keep Your Friends Close" December 9, 2018
8 Off the Map "Off the Map" December 10, 2018
9 Doubles Trouble "Doubles Trouble" December 11, 2018
10 Attack of the Nematodes "Attack of the Nematodes" December 12, 2018
11 The Chosen One "The Chosen One" December 13, 2018
12 The Alternate World is Here "The Alternate World is Here" December 14, 2018
13 The Entity Face Off "The Entity Face Off" December 15, 2018


  • The series will continue the story of Two Moons Rising, after the Gang have spent a summer of magical training.[1]
  • The series will likely have a further connection to the earlier seasons of Nowhere Boys, with Negative Space in the title (which had an absence in Two Moons Rising).
  • Battle For Negative Space is the first season of Nowhere Boys not to start airing in November. It is also the first to not air the same year the previous form of media (either the last season or the film) ended, and the only series to have each episode aired on consecutive days.




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