"Little is known for certain of the ancient Atridax, often referred to as the Four Pillars of Evil. They are presumed to be the bringers of discord and despair and profound disaster."
―Miss O'Donnell, reading a magical book[src]

Atridax, sometimes referred to as "Mini Demons" or the "Four Pillars of Evil",[1] were demonic, beetle-like creatures native to the Empty World. They entered the Real World after acting as parasites and hitching a ride on the Nowhere Gang. In the Real World, they are under the control of Bad Ben.[2]


After returning from the Empty World, the Nowhere Gang discovered strange markings on their neck which were extremely itchy.[3] Eventually, one of the Atridax emerged from underneath Heath's clothing and crawled onto the ground.[4]

The Atridax then found Bad Ben Ripley, who had been frozen by the Immobilising Spell, and revived him out of his paralyzed state. Bad Ben, showing the ability to control the Atridax, uses them to attack the Nowhere Gang to acquire the talisman.[2]

The Nowhere Gang learned from Miss O'Donnell what the Atridax were. They also discovered that the Atridax had attached themselves to the Nowhere Gang via the strange markings, and had traveled in four separate parts.[1]

There were four Atridax in total, with each representing an element. They combined together to form the Mega Demon.[1][5]

Behind the scenesEdit

Along with the Mega Demon, the Atridax appear in the opening of every Two Moons Rising episode.



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