The Alternate World is one of the two main universes visited by the Nowhere Boys. In the world, the original boys never existed, and were transported there after Felix Ferne's spell backfired.


Exclusive to this worldEdit

Shared between worldsEdit


Differences with the Real WorldEdit

  • The "Nowhere Boys" never existed in the world.
  • Oscar is no longer handicapped and is able to walk.
  • Ellen is friendly and sociable, rather than a cold, distant goth.
  • Sammy Conte was born in Sam Conte's absence.
  • Sarah is not married to Gary, instead it is to Brian Bates.
  • Gary is a caring police officer, rather than an unemployed, carefree slacker.
  • Roland is a homeless man instead of a police officer.
  • Viv Lau dresses more exotically and is more tougher.
  • Andy appears to be more confident in this universe as opposed to the original one.


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