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"We had a deal, Felix! Get my Alice back!"
Phoebe, right before being possessed by the Restoring Demon[src]

Alice Hartley is a female witch who once lived in the Alternate World. She was transported to Negative Space when she attempted a spell to get her parents back.[1]


Alice constantly practiced magic, possessing many magical items such as her Book of Shadows and the talisman.



According to her sister, Phoebe, Alice disappeared ten years prior to the Nowhere Boys' arrival while casting an Unmaking Spell, at the altar in the forest and unwittingly sent herself to Negative Space.[1] Phoebe was aware that she was working on such a spell, and realized that she had "disappeared without a trace". She told Felix Ferne, who was very powerful at magic to try and find her, so that Alice could get them back to their world.




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